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Echo Water – Perfect for your business

‘Free’ tap water costs You! Turn lost sales into fresh revenue

There is simply no better water solution for the hospitality sector today.
Triple filtered Echo Water gives businesses the opportunity to offer their customers a premium product without a premium price tag, whilst generating a brand new revenue stream.

Find out why Echo Water is perfect for your business?

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Echo Water for Restaurants

Who’s using Echo Water?

Echo Water are proud to call some of the best hotels, restaurants, bars and venues in Ireland ‘customers’.  These include 37 Dawson Street, The Hilton, Trocadero & Croke Park, with more jumping onboard every day!

Why our customers love Echo Water?


Echo Water as mixer

Mix it up with Echo!

It’s the perfect ingredient for a host of cocktails and fruit flavoured drinks. Echo Water produces crystal-clear still and sparkling water ideal for serving directly from our branded bottles or mixed in exotic cocktails and soft drinks.

Everything tastes better with Echo Water!

Echo Water dispenser

How does it work?

Echo Water uses Ireland’s very best on-site water filtration system. On-site means that it comes from the mains, eliminating the need for bottled water packaging, transporting water for miles and bulky storage and labour costs.

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